Looking for a way to remind employees about benefits or important company messages? Want to share contact information for several store locations? Offering several services that customers should know about?

What type of promotional product would hold all that information and still be handy enough to be used on a daily basis?

BIC Graphic has developed an Alternating Design Option on four of its popular Sticky Note™ products that allows for up to five alternating sheet designs in one note pad! You can develop a truly custom piece with a lot of messaging real estate. Actually…its perfect for real estate – you can promote all the selling agents on a team. Or provide the contact info for the local handyman, plumber, landscaping company etc as part of a “welcome packet.” Homeowners associations can promote neighborhood amenities or nearby attractions. 

Ideal for almost any industry, internal company messages, non-profits and much more.

The Alternating Design Option offers a whole new perspective on BIC® Sticky Note™ products!  Contact your BIC Graphic Sales Representative for details and even more ideas!

~Margit Fawbush


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