Drinkware trends evolve with lifestyle trends. It’s all about functional style– making hydration a part of your daily routine while keeping it interesting and relevant. Drinkware is also carried as a badge of honor. A really sporty looking bottle shows your athletic side, while a particular brand on a tumbler shows your personal affiliation or interest.

So give your customers drinkware they can carry with pride.

BIC Graphic has identified 3 key trends that are gaining momentum in the industry and tracking closely with retail:

Multi-Function – protein shakes and supplement drinks are all the rage as fitness trends continue to promote meal replacement drinks and post workout hydration. These drinks often don't work well when diluted with ice.

  • Cool Gear(TM) Subzero Bottle (#46040) – freezer stick keeps drinks cool without diluting the flavor!












On the Double – double opening lids – wide mouth for filling AND smaller opening for drinking

  • Neon Juniper Bottle (#46047) – double opening twist lids – one for cleaning or adding ice, one tethered twist on cap for drinking.









Two for One – A single tumbler that works for hot and cold beverages – keep things simple!

  • Color Splash Tumbler (#45909) – Double-wall insulation intended for hot or cold beverage use.








For product details and more great drinkware, visit norwood.com.

~Margit Fawbush

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