The Memo Tape Dispenser (#31944) is a unique product offering a convenient and long-lasting way to deliver memos. This handy item will ensure you have the right size sticky memo every time! Just pull your desired length, rip and stick!


With 20M of sticky memo tape, the dispensor will last longer than your standard memo notepad. The adhesive tape rolls out like a standard tape dispenser and is strong enough to stick and light enough to remove. Add a full-color britePix(R) imprint and really make your message stand out!

Great for a variety of office and education settings, trade shows, labs and more.

Click below for a client-friendly demo video.

CaptureFor more details and a great selling tool, click here for the Memo Tape Dispenser Product Spotlight flyer (or log in to for an unbranded version).



~Margit Fawbush

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