Health and Fitness promotions are gaining steam in a number of industries. Corporate wellness programs are become an expected component of benefits programs as organizations strive to bring costs down and improve productivity. Fitness clubs, yoga studios and trainers are opening constantly, recruiting new members and finding ways of rewarding them for keeping up good habits. Schools have started integrating hydration and nutritional awareness programs as part of their curriculum and sports conditioning programs. Looking for some great new ideas? Check out our Top 10!

40901_function_1cSafety Light Armband (40901) – Safety first! Runners, walkers, cyclists can all use a little light when training in low light. Items like the Safety Light Armband are great giveaways for trainers or even corporate wellness programs.40617_L

Shoe Wallet (40617) – Carry a key and/or ID right on the top of your shoe. The Shoe Wallet is ideal for awareness walks – a great addition to the swag bag and one participants will use in the future.

40910_PortableScale_2Electronic Portable Scale (40910) – Weightloss clinics, trainers, nutritionists all have good reason to giveaway or even sell portable scales. Offering customers a branded item that is even travel-friendly is a great way to keep them on track.45870_lightblue_bp

Sports Towel (45870) – An excellent alternative to cotton towels. This highly absorbant towel is a great gift for athletics programs and gyms. Also a great idea for campus bookstores.

Te41027_black_styled_1cch Fitness Belt (41027) – We never leave our smartphones behind, do we. The window allows for easy access to phone screen and headphones slide easily through a port. Adjustable strap clips around waste.41017_angle_1c

Yoga Block (41017) – Physical therapists, trainers, yoga studios, fitness studios – the yoga block has a big imprint area perfect for an inspirational message and branding.

41031_brightyellow_fc_v2Sweaty Bands (41031) – Add a touch of style to your workout wear with a fashionable headband. Stretchy, with a velvet liner to keep it from slipping, this new item is sure to please.46080_white_1c

02Cool(R) ArcticSqueeze(TM) Insulated Bottle (46080) – Keep drinks super-cold with this insulated water bottle. A popular retail brand, 02Cool(R) items are a much appreciated item with a high perceived value. Hydration continues to be shown as an important part of health and wellness. These types of bottles keep fluids cold on the go, as well as at the gym.

AP6002_apple-green_styled_4cKaden Sport Duffel (AP 6002) – Large, u-shaped opening with extra exterior pockets and a removable board base. This stylish bag is not only great for sports, but weekends away as well. A nice campus book store item, employee wellness campaign incentive, or even for sports teams and programs.

Cool Gear(R) Shaker Bottle (46041) – Protein shakes and recovery drinks are all 46041_blue_styled_2c (1)the rage, but the powdery stuff tastes best well-combined. A shaker ball makes this simple – simply put in the powder, fluid of choice, and shake! These bottles are a perfect giveaway or even can be sold by gyms, trainers and nutritionists.



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