Many Fortune 100 companies include custom designed calendars in their marketing plans. If it’s good for their business, you know it’s right for your customers too. But guess what? Your customer doesn’t have to be a large company to get a custom calendar. BIC Graphic offers Small Quantity Custom Calendars that are a perfect fit for your budget.

With these custom calendars, you can offer smaller quantities, fast turn-times and custom images that can showcase what makes your customer unique and special–building awareness, loyalty, and reinforcing key messages

Here are a few types of clients or promotions who would benefit from Small Quantity Custom calendars:

Small Businesses – Floral Shops, Bakeries, Personal Trainers/Gyms, Golf Courses

These companies can showcase images of the products and services they offer. It is also an ideal way to feature any new products. If the customer has special promotions that will be taking place during the year – they can list those on the calendar as well.

Community Groups

Many times these smaller community groups want to educate the local residents on what they do, how they do it and why. A Small Quantity Custom calendar gives them the opportunity to feature these items using custom, monthly images. With select products, they can also reinforce their community events by listing these directly on the specific calendar dates.

Team Fundraisers

Teams are always looking for ways to raise money to help cover costs for uniforms, travel or coaches. Creating a custom calendar that features pictures of the team and the people on the team is a great way to raise money. What parent or grandparent wouldn’t spend money on a calendar that has pictures of their child/grandchild? Specific team activities and games can be listed on the various calendar dates so no one forgets when and where to be. Coupons from supporting local businesses can also be added and can be part of sponsorships, defraying the cost of the calendar.

Corporate Messaging – Safety, Benefits/Wellness, Culture

Reinforce safe practices at work. Each month can feature a specific safety topic with educational information. Or communicate Benefits and Wellness information to employees. Share your corporate culture and help new employees acclimate to your mission and brand.

Milestones – Celebrating an anniversary? Opening a new location?

Perfect! Your customer can feature images that show the evolution of their business over time. It is always fun to see how a business started, what has changed over the year and where the business is today. A custom calendar is the ideal way to walk through history.

Remember – a calendar is a promotional product that is utilized for 12 months! That’s a full year of exposure to your customer’s information.

Additional reasons why calendars are so popular with businesses:

  • There is an average of 3.12 printed calendars per household in the US.
  • 74% of recipients remember the name of the business that gave them a promotional calendar
  • 70% of calendar recipients plan to do business with the company that provided them with a calendar.
  • 82% off all recipients enjoy receiving a calendar as a complimentary gift

It all starts with a simple question you can ask your customer – Have you ordered your calendars yet?

If your customer says yes – ask them to see what they have ordered. If they say no – you can provide them the opportunity to create a custom piece.  Be ready to offer them a small quantity custom so they can be UNIQUE.

~Margit Fawbush

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