A few weeks ago we discussed why Pinterest may be a valid marketing tool for you and your business, and some basics regarding account set up, posting and beginning to share ideas with your customers.

In this post, we’ll take it one step further and dive in to some SEO tips, optimizing images and promoting your Pinterest page further.

When thinking SEO think “how do people search or think?”

Your board titles should be named in a way that clues searchers in to their content – otherwise they won’t be discovered. Same with pins – every pin is a representation of your profile. Be descriptive so that the search engine will direct people to the content within. Describe your image and create a natural flow of text that will entice viewers to click.

How do you find the right keywords to enhance SEO? Practice first. Try out how a search works and see what results show up first, how Pinterest organizes the pins and then on the next level, the boards and pinners. What keywords does the automatic suggestion bring together? What other words are relevant to your pins?

Since more than 75% of Pinterest usage* takes places on phones and tablets, it’s important to understand the differences between the desktop and the mobile search. Again – just play with the platform and compare.

If you’d like to analyze the performance of specific keywords on Pinterest, then you can use Google, following this  formula:

site: http://www.pinterest.com “keyword”

Optimizing Images

Every image you’re pinning should aim to stand out from the rest, while remaining relevant to the topic.

Quality is rewarded. Pinterest users may not notice your description, but they certainly pay attention to the image and this means that every pin should be clear, have the right size (ideally at least 600 pixels wide), and balance the actual image with text overlays if needed to provide more context. Every image can be pinned on Pinterest, but vertical images have more chances to be noticed, as they occupy more space in the feed.

What’s more, vertical pins are ideal for mobile devices, which brings us back to the importance of creating pins that are better for Pinterest’s mobile version.

An ideal size of a vertical pin should be close to 736px by 2000px, in order to take up the necessary space in the feed, but also to provide the necessary details when clicked.

Promoting Your Pinterest Page – a few ideas

  • Write a blog post about Pinterest with a call-to-action at the end to follow you
  • Send out an email to your subscriber list & share your exciting news with the same call-to-action
  • Add the link to your email signature
  • Add the Pin It Button or Pin widget to your blog
  • Add a Pinterest share button to your blog
  • Cross promote on your other social media channels

We hope this has been helpful – if nothing else, gotten you a little curious about the possibilities of Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Good luck and don’t forget to check out BIC Graphic NA’s Pinterest Page!


* “11 tips on how to optimize Pinterest pins for SEO” April 8, 2016 by Tereza Litsa

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