Year-end giving is forecasted to be up over the past few years as budgets loosen and the economy improves. Businesses are spending more on corporate gifts (up to 27.4% from 20.6%) and giving them on more occasions (up nearly 37%) comparing 2016 data to 2015*.

Personalized giving brings greater value and appreciation to the receivers. Across industries, employees appreciate premium items like electronics and computer accessories, elegant awards and practical, yet stylish items like stainless steel barware. Q4 is the time of year when high-value products become most popular. Cutting edge electronics like Bluetooth® earbuds and the finest optical crystal awards really shine for these purposes.

As a promotional products distributor, this is your opportunity to sell these premium items. There is more need for an upsell to include packaging and even create cleverly packaged kits that include multiple items.

As you meet and discuss these projects with your customers, ask them a few key questions to help develop the best recommendation for their company and employee population:

  1. What industry or vertical are you supplying?
  2. Is this a gift or part of a recognition program?
  3. Is there one gift for all, or tiers based on department or seniority?
  4. What are your employee population age range, skillset, and common interests?
  5. Are you looking for a gift they can use at work or at home?
  6. Do you have a specific message or company slogan you need to include?

Here are some of our best suggestions the 2017 holiday season. [US] [CAN]

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* 2016 Corporate Gift IQ Survey, Incentive Magazine, July 2016

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