This year we introduced a new section of called Overstock. Here you can find products from just about every category we offer with discounts ranging up to 60% off catalog pricing! The store has hundreds of offers that are changing every week. But these discounts are available for a limited time only, so you want to get them before they disappear!

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We pulled together some of the most common questions about Overstocks so you know exactly how to shop these deals. If you have more questions you can always reach out, and we’ll continue to add to this section as we receive your feedback.

What is an Overstock?

The Overstock section of features products with discounted SKUs (individual colors or shapes) that have excess levels of inventory. The discount will be available on only the specified SKUs until the inventory is no longer considered to be in excess, at which time the discount is removed. The SKU will continue to be sold in the product line after the discount ends, making this program great for large order opportunities and potential repeat orders.

These can still be top selling products, new products, or other products that generally sell well, but may have had a surplus for a variety of reasons.

What is the easiest way to find Overstock items?

There is a new section in the top navigation menu of called Flash Deals. This store has both the Closeout and the Overstock offers. If you hover over Flash Deals you can pick either store to browse, or click Flash Deals to see all offers.

You can also reach these offers by clicking the Overstock icon on any product page with a current Overstock offer. Clicking this icon opens a browse page of all Overstock offers.

What is the difference between Closeout and Overstock?

A Closeout will no longer be available after supplies run out. An Overstock will continue to be sold after the inventory is reduced and the discount is removed. Both feature aggressive discounts on a variety of products.

Where are the biggest discounts, Closeouts or Overstocks?

Both stores have aggressive discounts available. Overstock offers have reached over 60% off, while our Closeout offers have been as much as 80% off. Either offer may be greater depending on the circumstances of the product, so be sure to shop both stores frequently.

How can I tell that the item is offered with Overstock pricing?

Look for the Overstock icon on the product page. There will also be a promo call out above the catalog pricing telling the eligible colors and Overstock price.

The icon looks like this:


Can I get the Overstock discount on any product color?

Overstock offers are limited to select colors and SKUs of the offered item. Be sure to check your preferred color in the promotion call-out on the product page. We cannot give this discount on colors not included in the Overstock promotion.

Why does this product have an Overstock offer on SKU A but not SKU B, when SKU B has more inventory?

Overstock offers are evaluated based on several factors. A SKU can have more inventory than another and still not be considered to have excess inventory.

What kinds of products are available for Overstock?

Most all of our brands can be eligible for Overstock promotion. Some of our top sellers will make it into the program, as well as some new products and currently trending products.

You will find just about every kind of product on Overstock, including Bags, Drinkware, Writing Instruments, Awards, Office, Technology, Flashlights, Tools & Auto, Health, Golf, Housewares, Meeting, Outdoor, Travel, and more.

Will we continue to honor Overstock pricing after the offer is removed?

No. These offers, just like Closeouts, are only available while supplies last. Once the offer is no longer listed we do not offer that promo price. Act fast!

Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have other questions and we will continue adding to this list. You can always find the latest Overstock offers here. These offers change weekly, so check back often!


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