Did you know USB drives are the most influential promotional product in terms of swaying opinions? While younger male consumers (ages 18-44) are most likely to own a logoed USB drive, the value of this powerful promo doesn’t end there. 45% of U.S. consumers own promotional USB drives and 91% of people keep them because they’re useful. [1]

With Universal Source™ brand USB drives from BIC Graphic NA, the possibilities are endless. Our USBs can be sold blank or pre-loaded, making them a great giveaway for colleges, human resource departments, sports teams, corporate gifts and more. If your client has information they want to distribute via a useful promotional product, Universal Source™ brand USBs are the perfect solution.

 Why choose BIC Graphic North America for promotional USBs?

  • Free Set-Up
  • Free Shipping to North America
  • Free White Gift Box
  • Free Lanyards on Select Items
  • Free Data Upload (up to 100MB)
  • Low MOQ
  • Large Selection of Styles

Superior Compliance

BIC Graphic NA is QCA Accredited and a leader in product safety, quality assurance, social responsibility, supply chain security and environmental stewardship. For more information check out this post on Superior Compliance.

To view USBs and other great products available from the Universal Source™ brand visit bicgraphic.com.

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