Compassionate organizations use health campaigns to aid in their efforts to save lives and alleviate suffering all around the world. These groups work tirelessly to raise funds for research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of disease. Promo products are a vital tool these charities use to further their mission and spread the word about their exceptional work.

 Build Awareness

Promotional items bearing the name, logo or message of an organization can build recognition and keep the mission in front of a target audience. When volunteers and supporters use imprinted tote bags, pens and drinkware they are showing support for an organization’s charitable works.

People are more likely to attend an event or donate to groups they recognize, and promotional products provide great visibility for a brand. Providing imprinted items at advocacy events, fundraisers, community fairs and other public events allows non-profit organizations to increase awareness and support of their cause. [1]

#40259 Heart Stress Ball • #1301 Healthy Eating Calendar • #31403 Ribbon Badge Holder • #20623 Better Book: First Aid
#40259 Heart Stress Ball • #1301 Healthy Eating Calendar • #32163 Digital Display Aluminum Power Bank 4400 mAh • #20623 Better Book: First Aid

Corporate Connection

Businesses across all industry sectors participate in charitable giving and events to give back to non-profit groups that matter to their workforce. Philanthropic businesses can benefit from increased marketing, boosting employee morale and tax deductions – all while giving back to their community. [2]

Including promo items as part of awareness campaigns and event sponsorships is a great way for businesses to promote their brand while having a positive influence on others. Showing support for a worthy cause is good for the community and good for business.


Whether a race, silent auction, direct mail campaign or gala there is room for promo to make a positive impact at the events that fund these important groups. The right item and imprint can make a dramatic impact by spreading an organization’s message long after the event is over.

Think pink! It feels like summer just began, but it’s already time to start preparing for October Breast Cancer Awareness events and promotions. October events alone have raised billions of dollars for research, community programs and patient advocacy over the last 35 years. [3] Promotional products help motivate supporters making progress in the mission to end breast cancer forever.



#65221 Silicone Awareness Wrist Band
#SND4B25 BIC® Sticky Note™ Ribbon Shaped Die Cut Adhesive Notepad
#40617 Shoe Wallet
#15090 Medium Snap Tote



#20663 Planner – Women’s Health
#31403 Ribbon Badge Holder
#45862 Sport Bottle with Metallic Ring – 28 oz.
#55869 Loop Pen

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