When it comes to promos, USBs make a big impact with 45% of US consumers owning a promotional flash drive. (1) Here are three case studies that demonstrate how these popular and functional promo items can help a business or organization spread their brand message.

A Case for Higher Learning

Item: #32175 8GB Custom USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Purpose: Provide information about the school and programs
Audience: Students and prospective students

A community college was looking for a unique way distribute a handbook including the; code of conduct, campus info, frequently used phone numbers and email addresses to first-year students. The handbook included details on certificate and degree programs as well as additional information on navigating their first year of college.

The school chose this custom flash drive in the shape of a raft because the campus was named for a nearby river where students frequently went rafting. The drives were partitioned to be non-erasable for the loaded handbook materials, and still allowed for 7GB worth of additional storage. A lanyard loop was included to be easily carried all over campus.

Students found the flash drives to be beneficial and used them throughout the school year for assignments, media storage and the included handbook as a resource for frequently asked questions.

#32175 8GB Custom USB 2.0 Flash Drive
  • Custom shape USB in 2D or 3D options
  • Low minimum order quantity of 100 pieces

A Case for Conferences

Item: #31212 256MB Wrist Band USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Purpose: Provide presentations and workshop admission
Audience: Data Security Conference Attendees

An event organizer was looking for a memorable giveaway for an upcoming data security conference. They chose this flash drive to include with welcome packets to be a useful item for both organizers and attendees.

They used these Wrist Band USB Flash Drives as admission bands for the key speakers and workshops. Sessions were color-coded to match a specific wrist band USB color worn by the attendee. Each drive was pre-loaded with the presentation deck from the session as well for attendees to reference after the conclusion of the conference.

Event organizers were pleased that the wrist band USBs provided multiple solutions during the event while also helping to improve session attendance and participation. They felt the flash drives acted as a reminder after the conclusion of the conference and consequently saw an increase in pre-registrations the following year.

#31212 256MB Wrist Band USB 2.0 Flash Drive
  • Wrist band flash drive available in black, green, yellow, pink or orange
  • 1-year warranty

A Case for Travelers

Item: #31072 256MB Translucent Folding USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Purpose: Provide vehicle information to customers
Audience: RV Purchasers

An RV Dealership that traditionally provided new vehicle binders to customers was looking for a way to modernize and save money. The binders included details on vehicle features and FAQs to help familiarize new RV owners with their vehicle and provide complete information on their purchase.

The dealership decided to put the information on a USB flash drive because it was more cost-effective than the binders and conveniently transported by customers as it could be easily clipped to their RV keys. Customers responded positively to the USB flash drives and found the information to be easily accessible, as most people traveled with their laptop computers. The dealership was pleased to be able to provide the same level of service and detailed information for customers with a more modern and cost-effective promo item.

#31072 256MB Translucent Folding USB 2.0 Flash Drive
  • Optional keyring
  • Unattached black lanyard included
  • 1-year warranty

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