Did you know when it comes to making a good first impression, color matters? In fact, research reveals that people make a sub-conscious decision about a product within 90 seconds of first seeing it. Additionally, between 62% and 90% of their initial assessment is based on color alone.

Nearly 85% of consumers surveyed listed color as the primary reason they buy a product. Even more importantly, 80% of those consumers think color increases brand recognition. (1)

It’s hard to ignore such strong data, and that is why BIC Graphic NA is so excited to announce full color britePix® imprints are now available on 24 of our most popular drinkware items. Now your clients can be even more memorable by making their brand more colorful with britePix® imprinted drinkware!

#45962 Clear Tumbler with Colored Lid | #46104 Double Wall Vertical Lines Bottle

Bring your next drinkware promo to life with vibrant britePix® imprint for $50(G) for full color set-up and $1(G) run rate per piece. There are no additional set-up charges or run rates on these select drinkware items. Additional, BIC Graphic NA is the only promo supplier that offers 1 set-up for all locations on drinkware with no additional run charges.

#46113 Glacial Diamonds Tumbler | #45926 Color Grip Tumbler

Visit bicgraphic.com to view all our drinkware, and to learn more about the britePix® imprint method.

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