Donna Hearl, Credit – Clearwater, FL

Today we are honoring Donna for going well above what is expected of her every day. Her willingness to put the customer first and contribute to the success of the team makes her a true BIC Graphic NA Hero.

Donna has been with BIC Graphic NA Credit Department since 2007, but brings over 21 years of promotional product experience to her role. Her days are spent reviewing orders that come through on the EBS dashboard. Donna determines the reason the order appeared, and contacts the customer with a resolution so their order will keep moving. She also answers incoming calls for payment, prepayment or to provide assistance with order challenges.

The favorite part of Donna’s job is knowing that when she talks to customers, each conversation ends with them feeling completely satisfied with the service she provided to help with their issue. Even if she can’t offer a resolution herself, Donna includes the customer in emails so they have visibility to how their issue is progressing.

Over the last five years, Donna has also been instrumental in planning employee events. She is proud of her work in bringing the BIC Graphic NA team together!

In her spare time, Donna enjoys the serenity she feels when doing yard work and watching movies. Her favorites are old westerns, action movies and – of course – Marvel movies! Donna lived in upstate New York for eleven years and even lived on a farm for five years. She prefers a rural lifestyle and calls her farm years the best of her life.

Donna’s favorite items are technology products, specifically ear buds and portable Bluetooth® speakers. Thank you, Donna for your commitment to BIC Graphic NA and most importantly – our customers!

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