The Koozie® brand likes to have fun – just like you – and our can & bottle koolers help keep beverages chilled so the good times keep going. With our 40 years of history, we’ve developed can and bottle kooler options for every style and occasion.

Deciding which awesome Koozie® can kooler is right for your next promotion can be tough, especially with so many great options! To make it easier for you, we’ve made a handy comparison chart so you can find the perfect option based on event, material, compatibility, features and more.


Here are some of our favorite highlights, because you may think you know Koozie®, but you don’t know anything yet!

The Original


With a sturdy throwback design, these can koolers are perfect for on the boat, house parties, tailgating and more. The PV plastic foam or vinyl material is excellent for keeping beverages cool and hands warm, but are non-collapsible so transporting convenience may be limited.



These poly-foam can koolers are available in a range of styles and imprint options to maximize brand messaging potential. Great for every day use with your favorite beverage, these collapsible can kooler options range from single color to full-color  imprints. A classic and effective promo that works for a wide variety of brands!



Bottle koolers are made from neoprene, SBR rubber or poly foam to keep bottled drinks cool while keeping hands warm. Available in a variety of styles for beers after work, BBQs, tailgates – or anywhere!



The Koozie® brand even has your favorite non-standard sized beverages covered! From slim cans (think energy drinks) to large craft brew cans, we have a poly foam or neoprene can kooler specifically designed to keep your favorite drinks at just the right temperature.



Sometimes you need a Koozie® can kooler that has a little extra. Deluxe options include features like carabiner clips, straps, magnets, business slots and more so your insulated drink never has to be out of reach. These added elements make these can koolers ideal for outdoor activities, tailgating, beach time and make memorable promotional giveaways.



Premium Koozie® can koolers are made of PU vinyl for an elevated feel. You can’t go wrong with leather-like, color changing, glow-in-the-dark or trendy two-tone for special events and occasions. A stylish way to keep drinks cold and hands warm while promoting your brand message.



Our most versatile can kooler is the #46173 Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler. The unique 3-in-1 design has a drop-in lid to covert from a can/bottle kooler to a drink-thru lid. This exclusive, high-quality promo takes the end user from their morning coffee to a cold one after work, plus makes a great gift.

Be sure to download our Koozie® can kooler comparison chart and view all our Koozie® can koolers at

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