The KOOZIE® brand started in 1979 with insulated can koolers and quickly became a favorite addition to parties, tailgates, days at the beach and everywhere else people gathered to have a good time. After building upon KOOZIE® quality with housewares, kooler bags, and insulated drinkware; it is time for the KOOZIE® brand to grow once again.


So how can you live your best #KOOZIELife? We develop each KOOZIE® product by considering both the rich brand heritage and the end user in mind. The new KOOZIE® product additions appeal to younger generations who are driving retail trends.


The Millennial generation spends over $170 billion per year, so there’s no ignoring this powerful group of consumers. (1) KOOZIE outdoor products are a perfect fit for Millennials users who are embracing the outdoor lifestyle and want to spend their money on higher quality items. Millennials have high expectations of the brands they buy from and pledge loyalty to. (2) After nearly 40 years of keeping the party going, the KOOZIE brand delivers the quality Millennials want, to maximize their experiences and adventures.


#KOOZIELife is about more than just keeping beverages and snacks at the right temperature. People focused on experiences instead of just “stuff” tend to be happier and feel their money is better spent. (3) KOOZIE® brand items are designed to be the perfect companions for enhancing and maximizing these experiences. With retail-inspired features and practical functionality, our expanded line of KOOZIE® products are ready to take on your next adventure with style.


Live your best #KOOZIELife by capitalizing on these exciting new products geared toward popular industries and younger demographics. Be sure to check for new KOOZIE® products and campaign ideas in the coming months.


KOOZIE® is a registered trademark of BIC Graphic NA.

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