BIC Graphic North America has completed end user and distributor surveys on the Koozie® brand and identified a growing outdoor lifestyle trend within the promotional space. The end user survey was conducted by a third-party, Hanover Research, to show how people view the Koozie® brand and to determine which products and features are most valued by end users.

Recruitment for the survey sample utilized both a panel provider and collected responses from a general population sample. The final survey group included 1,000 participants. Demographic information of survey participants included:

  • 62% Female / 38% Male
  • 30% Millennials, 25% Generation X, 40% Baby Boomers, 6% Other
  • 62% Primary Decision-Maker, 38% Shared Decision-Making

Also, respondents could not work in related industries but were required to have used items similar to those in the Koozie® product line within the previous year.

Key Findings of the Hanover Research Survey Include:

  • Up to 50% of end users are willing to pay more for Koozie® Outdoor items.
  • 2 out of 3 end users say a leak-proof lid is a must-have for drinkware.
  • 86% of people associate the Koozie® brand with their favorite outdoor activities like fishing/picnicking or when they are enjoying time at the beach/lake.

In order to obtain a complete snapshot of the Koozie® influence in the promo industry, BIC Graphic NA also surveyed 1,388 distributors. These results along with the end user survey results helped BIC Graphic NA to determine the direction of the Koozie® product line and brand refresh, heading into 2019.

“The Koozie® brand has been influential in the promotional products industry for 40 years,” said Elise Edgerton, senior channel development manager. “These survey results reinforced the natural expansion into the outdoor category with Koozie® Kamp. We also learned interesting information that influenced the design of the new logo, like 50% of distributors and 55% percent of end users associate Koozie® with the color blue.”

Key Findings of the Distributor Survey Include:

  • 57% of promotional distributors are willing to pay more for a product labeled Koozie®.
  • Promotional distributors most closely associate drinkware, coolers, camping/hiking accessories and backpacks with the Koozie®
  • Promotional distributors think words like “insulated”, “fun” and “chill” best describe the Koozie®

BIC Graphic NA is using these survey results in research and development of new products launching under the Koozie® brand, including the award-winning Hartwell Tumbler, featuring a leak-proof lid. The company debuted 15 Koozie® Kamp items so far this year, with plans to continue expanding the outdoor product assortment through 2019 and beyond. Visit for additional information on Koozie® products.

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