Motorcycle crashes involving other motor vehicles continue to account for nearly 50% of all motorcyclist deaths in the U.S. Riders are at more risk than other drivers because they lack many of the same safety features of automobiles. (1) Unfortunately, after a crash involving a motorcycle, drivers often state they did not see the rider because motorcyclist are often hidden in blind spots or masked by objects and conditions outside their vehicle. (2)

May is Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month so it is a great time for motorcyclists and drivers to learn more and take steps toward sharing the road responsibly. Promo products geared toward safety can be a great way for businesses to promote their message while increasing everyone’s awareness of motorcycle safety and the importance of staying alert while driving.


#50043 Reflective Safety Vest – This vest has two cross stripes designed to reflect oncoming headlights. The safety yellow color is bright and visible, even during the day, with a hook-and-loop closure to keep the vest in place.

#26115 Wrap Sunglasses – These wrap-around style shades feature dark UV400 protective lenses to help block bright sun rays from any angle, plus are impact resistant.

#40901 Safety Light Armband – Great for low visibility in the early morning or dusk, this band has a push-button light for standard or flashing illumination. This armband is adjustable and fits 12.5 – 17” comfortably.


#21256 Be Prepared Highway Kit – This kit has all you need for an emergency situation in one compact case that fits easily in a car trunk or saddle bag. Includes adhesive pad, antacid packet, antiseptic towelettes, bandages, first aid cream packet, police call flag, and 3-in-1 COB emergency tool.

#41025 Lip Balm with Leash – Sun protection is crucial, especially on long rides. This SPF-15 lip balm has a handy leash with clip closure, and the #40130 SPF-30 Suncreen Lotion Pocket Pack is wallet-sized so riders always have sun protection in a pinch.

For those who are less interested in getting their motors running, May is also National Bike Month! With approximately 80 million bicyclists sharing the road with vehicles, (3) promos for cyclists can help riders be seen and safe while on the move.


#21218 Carabiner with Reflective Screwdriver Set – This reflective case holds a dual-ended 2-piece screwdriver bit for quick repairs. Easily attaches to a belt or bag with the attached aluminum carabiner clip.

#40643 Coloring Book: Bicycle Safety – Barkley the Bike Safety Dog teaches children everything they should know about riding safely including; following the rules of the road, wearing a helmet, proper clothing and being aware of potential dangers in the road. Includes 16-pages with a complete story line, CPSIA compliant.

#41028 Safety Shoe Light – Help improve visibility to stay safer while riding at night with this handy shoe light. Conveniently slides onto the back of your shoe and has push-button activation with 4-color process imprint on the side.

BIC Graphic NA also offers nearly 300 bags with an optional REFLECTINK™ imprint. REFLECTINK™ is a highly reflective ink that provides enhanced visibility when exposed to shining light. This luminous ink is a great solution to help be seen in lowlight activities and work conditions*.


#15039 Drawstring Backpack – This is a simple backpack that is perfect to carry the essentials when you hit the road! One of our most popular drawstrings with a large imprint area for your client’s brand message.

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* REFLECTINK™ cannot ensure visibility or safety under all possible conditions. ©2019 BIC Graphic NA, Clearwater, FL.

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