Lasers, Pad Printing, Golf Ball Printing, Embroidery Team Lead – Red Wing

Today we honor April for going above and beyond in the Oracle implementation and training of manufacturing associates, as well as being instrumental in scheduling the embroidery work flow every day. April is truly dedicated to doing a great job and works hard to ensure her area and other production areas are successful.

April has been with BIC Graphic NA for 18 years. She began in screen printing and then moved into pad printing. When the Golf category came to Red Wing she was asked to be a Lead in the pad printing and golf ball printing areas.

A few years later, April took over the Laser Engrave line. After trying out the office for two years as an Art Processor, she decided to go back to production as a Lead in laser, pad printing and golf ball printing areas before moving to her current role.

April spends her days keeping the Embroidery and Laser areas running smoothly and efficiently. She tracks orders, investigates any issues that arise, and supports her coworkers with anything they need. Her favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is the awesome people she works with every day! Products from the Technology and Outdoor & Leisure categories are some of her favorites.

In her spare time April enjoys camping and spending time with family and friends. With a house full of three boys, they love to watch and attend motor sports, baseball games, football games and go fishing. She enjoys summer and tries to spend as much time as possible outside during the warmer months.

Thank you, April, for your continued dedication to excellence!

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