Electrical Engineer – Clearwater, FL

Today we honor Roy as a BIC Graphic NA Hero for anticipating issues, recognizing vulnerable equipment situations and recommending solutions to help keep production running smoothly. He is a valuable member of our Engineering Team and a true asset to BGNA!

Roy started as an Electrical Engineer with BIC Graphic NA 15 years ago, designing and supporting control systems for manufacturing machinery. When he first began at BGNA, Roy worked in the new Building 3 during the launch of BIC® Sticky Notes™, cube printing and scratch pads. He also helped develop the flex print and drinkware machines from early concept to production, which was an exciting time. According to Roy, the extensive use of motion control and robotics was awesome!

Today you will find Roy designing, upgrading and providing service support for all manufacturing equipment as a Controls Engineer. It can be stressful and tiring answering production “911” calls but returning a machine to production and receiving genuine thanks for his efforts always feels good to Roy. Currently he is looking forward to scheduled upgrades of manufacturing equipment that will increase production efficiency for our customers.

When it comes to People Powers, Roy is most passionate about Own It. He has always been an advocate for customers whether internal or external. Taking machine operation personally has been a characteristic he has seen in the good engineers he has had the opportunity to work with.

Roy’s favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is the people. After losing his son earlier this year, he felt he lost focus and purpose. Ed Kelly, Site Engineering and Facilities Manager, and Gerard Krief, former VP Engineering, allowed Roy to return to work in a maintenance support position where interacting and helping people with issues has helped him reconnect with his work. Roy is amazed with the stories people have shared of their losses and will never forget their support, help and caring.

Our multi-function pens and highlighters are Roy’s favorite products. They have always been big hits when he’s taken them to schools for events like the “Great American Teach-In” which brings parents into schools to discuss their careers with students.

In his spare time, Roy is building his and his son’s dream of an automotive workshop on his property. He loves his dogs, who have different personalities like the crew from the Wizard of Oz: a fearless German Shepard matriarch, a loving/laid back/fat/black Rottweiler and another special/goofy/tall Rotie. Fun fact: Prior to starting with BGNA, Roy worked as a machine builder with Klockner Medipak for 14 years. That facility actually stood where BIC Graphic Building 3 in Clearwater stands today!

Thank you, Roy, for using your expertise to keep production running smoothing and advocating for both our internal and external customers!

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