Elite Customer Care Specialist – St. Petersburg, FL

Today we honor Amy as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for always working hard to find solutions for our Distributors. Her drive to help and provide a great customer experience is truly impressive!

Amy started with BIC Graphic NA Team in November 2019 as a Customer Service Rep and today provides stellar service as an Elite Customer Care Representative. Daily, you’ll find Amy interacting with our customers via email and phone calls. She is responsible to assist Distributors quickly and accurately.

Currently, Amy is excited about the implementation of Salesforce for the Service Team. Even though change can be scary, she believe this change will be for the better. She trusts that the new CRM will be beneficial to the company, and help create a less stressful environment for everyone working together at BIC Graphic NA.

Speaking of those teammates, Amy’s favorite part about BIC Graphic NA is having the opportunity to work with her coworkers and supervisors. She says, “I am blessed to work for a company that possesses such incredible people who communicate well and are (most) always in a good mood”!

When it comes to People Powers, Amy is passionate about Speak with Truth and Kindness; Act with Integrity because she believes it is the most important one – both on and off the clock. Relationships are built out of trust and honestly, and Amy believes the best way to maintain relationships is to show consistency, and do what we say we will do. She views this as the “golden rule” and the best way to create strong relationships with friendly, families, coworkers and Distributors. Do the right thing when no one is looking. Be kind to one another!

Amy’s Adorable German Shepard Mix

Amy’s favorite BIC Graphic NA product is the #45730 Pet Accessory Bag, which she got by cashing-in her Kudos. She has a handsome 9-year-old German Shepard mix, and she uses it when going on short trips/walks, and even when she takes her pup to visit “grandma” (Amy’s mother).

In her spare time, you’ll find Amy in the kitchen because she loves to cook. Some of her favorites include spaghetti with Italian sausage, baked teriyaki chicken and adult grilled cheese – YUM!

Amy is also a semi-professional singer! She has been singing since she was about 3 years old, was brought up in church and took choir classes from elementary through high school. She loves singing for large crowds, but also loves singing for Jesus because church choir is her favorite. Amy has also been in several theatrical productions including Oklahoma!, Phantom of the Opera and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee – just to name a few! She even had the incredible opportunity to sing for the legendary Lionel Richie, the beautiful Katy Perry and country star Lyke Bryan, AKA the American Idol judges, at an audition in October of 2018!

Thank you, Amy, for always doing your best to assist our customers and finding solutions they love!

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