Today, we are excited to recognize our web team as our next Koozie Group Hero. The web team is part of Koozie Group’s digital division and includes team members Christie Hooper, Fern Azarian, Lydia Williamson, and Rob Meier. This dedicated team makes sure the Koozie Group and IMAGEN Brands websites work seamlessly for our customers and employees.

Websites are ever-changing, so there is no typical day in the life of a web team member. Every day something new is needed, a challenge must be overcome, or a puzzle has to be solved. The website’s surface information comes from a variety of sources and integrations. As technology advances, these integrations might change or need updating. It’s up to the web team to catch these issues so our employees and customers can find what they need and have a positive user experience

Additionally, the team manages the product database, including over 4,000 products. They also oversee data feed updates on the website and across promotional product industry portals.

Countless things are going on behind the scenes, and the web team makes it all happen. They epitomize the One Team people power because everyone in the group is open to sharing knowledge and willing to help one another whenever they can. They’re not afraid to speak up and speak the truth while suggesting new ways to improve processes.

The web team has a lot of responsibility, so what gets them most excited to come to work? Ultimately, they know they are critical to the customer experience. It’s what fuels their passion and drives them to seek out answers to solve issues. Whenever a problem pops up, they don’t have the option to hand off an issue to someone else. They must determine the root cause: is the problem a user error, a misconfiguration of something, or a problem with a data feed? It’s the entire team’s determination and diligence that makes working together unique and fun. Their motto is, “ There’s no ‘I’ in Web Team.” Each team member is proud to help one another and the company succeed.

With the web team’s in-depth product knowledge, we had to ask, what’s each team member’s favorite Koozie Group or IMAGEN  Brands’ product? Lydia’s go-to water bottle for day-to-day life is the Rubbermaid® 24 oz. Chug Hydration Bottle (CCLM018) from the IMAGEN Brands’ lineup. Why? It’s a great size, it never leaks, and it’s super easy to clean. On the Koozie Group side, Christie views the products like children, and she loves them all! Fern’s top picks would have to be the KAPSTON® Natisino Tote (#15956) or the Koozie® Savannah Vacuum Tumbler – 18 oz. (#46317), because when she does go back to working at our corporate headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, she wants to do it in style.

Christie, Fern, Lydia, and Rob, thank you so much for all you do and for keeping our websites working 24/7! We are fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated web team at Koozie Group.

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