Today we recognize our entire Supply Chain and Logistics Team, consisting of:

  • Alice Signori – Logistics Manager
  • Jennifer Fonseca – Import/Export Specialist
  • Steve Savoie – Supply Chain & Operations Supervisor
  • Jennifer Royal – MRO Supply Planning Analyst
  • Leon Schueler – Supply Chain Supervisor
  • LuAnn Julien – Supply Planner
  • Shelley Shoen – Supply Planner
  • Haroun Habeeb – Supply Chain Manager
  • Jody Schingledecker – Supply Planning
  • Scott Gunderson – Supply Planning
  • Lynda Wipperling – Demand Planner
  • Carmen Sakala – Supply Planner

This team is responsible for all of our inventory planning and purchasing, as well as coordinating the logistics for importing all of our products to our facilities and shipping negotiations for all product shipping to our customers.

Recently, the Supply Chain and Logistics Team has been stepping up to meet the challenges of increased demand in Koozie Group products, whether it’s securing shipping and production spaces or developing contingency plans to acquire alternate resources when raw materials are in short supply. What motivates the team every day is knowing that they are achieving their goals and playing a critical role in ensuring that customers’ demands are met.

The people power that the group showcases the most is “One Team.” While they are currently spread across multiple locations and have been working remotely over the past year and a half, the team has actually grown closer than ever, according to Adam Black, Director of Supply Planning and Logistics,

“Not only do they work as one team to ensure proper demand, supply, and logistics planning and execution measures are taken, they also work closely with our Product/Marketing, Warehousing, and Sales team members on best planning for materials in-house to support our production plans, as well as securing orders for our customers, and delivering on commitments,” he said. 

Thank you, Supply Chain and Logistics Team, for making sure that our customers’ needs are met and on time!

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