Since ancient times, humans have sought ways to record and share their thoughts and ideas. From quills to fountain pens to the ballpoint, writing instruments have evolved, and despite the advent of the digital age, they continue to be a mainstay of everyday life. (1) Come January 2022, we’re writing a new chapter in our writing instrument history. We promise that the story features many familiar characters, unfolds with a smooth plot, and wraps up with a happy ending.

The first scene opens on the iconic BIC® brand. This character has been part of the Koozie Group family for a while, and it isn’t going anywhere! Come the new year, we will still be the exclusive promotional products supplier of 30+ BIC® writing instruments in the United States and Canada. Fan favorites such as the BIC® Clic Stic® family, BIC® Round Stic® family, and BIC® Intensity® Clic™ Gel Pen will remain central to our history and will keep us firmly in the role as a leading supplier in the promotional products industry.

As our narrative unfolds, another trusted name appears in the storyline. Souvenir® has been around since 1908, but this brand is far from old-fashioned. Revived in 2019, it has a fresh and imaginative vibe that makes it the perfect landing spot for 20 products we currently sell under the BIC® brand. These pen families, including the Anthem, Image, Emblem, Verse, Rize, and more, are merely switching to the Souvenir® brand. The rest of their backstory – where they are made, the materials they are made of, and the way they are imprinted – stays absolutely the same.   

Finally, we meet the Classic Collection. This new arrival isn’t here to stir up any trouble. Instead, it’s providing a new home for some tried-and-true writing instruments that are central to our tale. These families – the Clic™, WideBody®, Pivo®, and Tri-Stic® – were specifically designed for the promotional products market. We’ll keep making them in our Clearwater, FL, facility, out of exactly the same materials and using exactly the same imprint methods. These characters know who they are – there’s no identity crisis here – they just won’t carry BIC® branding anymore.

Our story starts and ends right where it began. The setting is the Clearwater, FL, area, where our experts oversee the production and imprinting of millions of bestselling writing instruments each year. Cue the narration as a behind-the-scenes manufacturing tour lays out a timeless legend of skilled and committed people, high-quality materials, and finely tuned processes. The hero still delivers some of the most trusted and popular promotional products around, and everyone lives happily ever after. The Beginning.

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