Senior Infrastructure Engineer – Clearwater, FL

Today we honor Shelbie Cohen for her role as a Senior Infrastructure Engineer in our Information Technology Department. Shelbie has been with Koozie Group since July 2014, when she was hired as an Infrastructure Systems Engineer. She later took on additional responsibility as an IT Security Engineer in 2018 and was recently promoted to Senior Infrastructure and Security Engineer.

Each day, Shelbie manages and helps users with any issues related to Microsoft Office 365, email, window servers, and internet security. She also creates the IT security training that is required of all employees.

Being able to help keep Koozie Group safe from cyberattacks is something that Shelbie is very excited about.

“I am proud that we have implemented many security features that have kept our company safe from any major cyberattacks,” Shelbie says.

As for her favorite people power, Shelbie has not one, but two: One Team and Own It.

“I think we all work better when part of a team, and a team functions best when everyone owns their part,” she says.

In her spare time, Shelbie likes to travel and spend time with her 8-year-old, mostly practicing sports and playing video games. Another fun fact about Shelbie is that before the COVID pandemic, she traveled all over the world on behalf of a nonprofit organization to speak about the importance of representation in media. She hopes to return to speaking as soon as she is safely able to do so.

Thank you, Shelbie, for keeping our company’s infrastructure safe and for helping employees resolve their IT-related issues!

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