Publishing Custom Team – Sleepy Eye, MN

Today we recognize Rachel Tauer, Marci Baswell, and Linda Schroepfer for their roles as Custom Order Entry Associates on our Publishing Custom Team.

Each day, the team enters all custom and personalized calendar orders and handles all of the associated maintenance and updates, replacing paperwork when needed. Currently, Rachel, Marci, and Linda are working on additional runs and reruns for 2021 custom calendar orders.

Among their achievements from the past year, this group has cross-trained with the Manufacturing Liaison Team, learned how to enter various types of hotel/casino orders, and assisted in Order Entry Maintenance/Order Entry Quality holds. They have also successfully completed two seasons all the while improving their efficiency working with a smaller team.

When it comes to the people power that the Publishing Custom Team showcases the most, they actually have two – “One Team” and “Own It.” Whenever a challenge or complication with an order is presented, Rachel, Marci, and Linda work through the scenarios together to solve the issue. Additionally, each of them takes individual ownership of every order they enter, whether it is custom or personalized.

As for their favorite product, the team is, of course, partial toward custom calendars, saying, “There are so many situations with these orders where we have to think outside the box. They keep our job interesting.”

With 50 years of combined experience among the three of them, Rachel, Marci, and Linda know what it takes to work successfully as a team and get the job done.

“The three of us communicate well and are not afraid to voice our opinions and concerns to each other,” they said. “We have the ability to laugh even when dealing with stressful orders. All three of us love to problem solve and never shy away from a challenge.”

Thank you, Rachel, Marci, and Linda for handling custom and personalized calendar orders with a positive attitude and a smile!

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