Artist – Customer Support – Clearwater, Florida

Today we recognize Ryan Rea for his role as an Artist in our Customer Support Department.

Ryan began his Koozie Group career in 2015 as a temporary Graphic Artist, a role he held for 2.5 years before transitioning to a full-time Artist. Day to day, he primarily focuses on Production Art orders, which includes working with new orders from the beginning, revising previous ones, or quality checking.

Beyond that, Ryan is responsible for checking Product Change Requests (PCRs) each day for changes to products under his purview (Clearwater-based items and Sleepy Eye stationery products) and changes submitted by Marketing and Manufacturing. He then makes edits to templates and formats as needed for the art room. He also creates new templates and assists where needed in other areas with his co-worker, Deanna Pavelka.

For Ryan, the best part about working at Koozie Group is being able to create art and solve problems.

“I don’t like mundane, thoughtless tasks,” he said. “I prefer to be challenged and it’s a fairly regular thing to have to solve issues on the day to day.”

The fact that there’s always something new to update, change, or even just create is what gets Ryan excited about work each day.

“Every day is something different,” he said. “My projects are usually short term, but exciting. Currently, I am working on a Customer Art Education initiative so we can better educate our customers on our product line and imprinting process to help alleviate confusion on orders.”

Ryan’s favorite Koozie Group product is the #GR BIC® Grip Roller Pen. As for the People Power he is most passionate about, Ryan prefers “Know the Business & Deliver.”

“I always like to know how something works, whether a process or a product, so that I am completely fluent to deliver it most effectively to the customer the first time, as well as answer any questions I can,” he said. “This sort of mixes with Ask, Seek, Go Deep & Learn, as I feel they’re tied together in this, but with the knowledge, I can make the customer (and internal associate) experience better, easier, and overall smoother for all parties involved.”

Prior to working at Koozie Group, Ryan used to work for a model shop company that made licensed replicas of ships such as the Viper from Battlestar Galactica, Serenity from Firefly, and Star Trek’s Enterprises A and D. Fun fact: Seth MacFarlane, creator of the show Family Guy, actually has Ryan’s signature on his Enterprise D model.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys designing 3D CAD models of various movie and video game props for costuming, as well as hand-manufacturing costume pieces, and spending time with his wife and their three balls of fur (two cats and a rabbit). He has also recently picked up leatherworking.

Thank you, Ryan, for using your artistic talents and initiative to help improve orders every day!

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