If you recently celebrated Thanksgiving, chances are that right now you’ve got a fridge full of leftovers that are stashed away in plastic bags or storage containers. You might also have them stored in something else that, like Thanksgiving, even gets its own holiday in November: the mason jar.

Yes, Nov. 30 is National Mason Jar Day, a time to celebrate this versatile and popular vessel that can be used for everything from decorations, to drinking glasses, to containers that help preserve fruits and vegetables from your garden. You may even be using them right now to store some Turkey Day treats or your famous holiday jam that you make whenever the family comes for a visit. There are so many ways to utilize mason jars and all of them are great for observing this national holiday!

If you’ve gone the food storage route, it’s always a good idea to label the jars so you can keep track of what’s inside and when it was stored. For this task, we recommend using the #MRPG BIC® Mark-It™ Permanent Marker. It features fade-resistant ink and a bullet nib so you can create a clear label that won’t fade away over time.

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Fun Fact: According to National Today, the mason jar was created in 1858 when John Landis Mason invented and patented the glass jar and its unique screw top to make canning safer and easier.

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