Dad Jokes? Who doesn’t love ‘em? At Koozie Group, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and that’s why our new Dad Jokes calendar (Item #7082) is right up our alley. But putting off your calendar orders is no laughing matter. Here are five reasons why acting now would make your dad proud.

Save Money

Like most dads, we don’t joke around when it comes to saving money. That’s why you should start thinking about 2024, even though we’re just several weeks into 2023. We offer early-order pricing on almost all our dated products (with the exception of calendars/planners that follow the academic year). Qualifying for the discount is easy – just place your production-ready order (free of any proof, credit, or clarification holds) by July 1, 2023. Our discounts for early payment and early shipping give you even more ways to save. (Find all the details here.)

Get the Best Selection

Don’t you hate it when you’ve combed through options and made a buying decision, only to discover that the item is out of stock? You’ll avoid disappointment when you pick your calendars early– we guarantee inventory on all our themes through October 1.

With the biggest selection of calendars in the promo industry, your only challenge will be narrowing down your options. Choose from one of our three brands: award-winning Triumph® Calendars, classic HotLine® Products, or the most economical option, Good Value®. Search by style, whether it’s appointments, desk tents, desk pads, and more. Consider what subject matter represents your brand and will appeal to your customers. Then, order away.

Torn between two or more styles? We offer combined quantity pricing so you can mix and match. (Restrictions apply – see product pages at for all the details.)

Don’t see something that grabs your attention? We can create a calendar that makes your organization shine with customized shapes, colors, dategrids, and more!

Start thinking calendars now, and your day is sure to be a little brighter, the same way a “funny” dad joke can bring a smile to your face.

Take Advantage of Free Storage

We can hear it now… that dad voice emphatically telling us, “Clean up your room!” Worried that any calendars you order early will take up precious storage space or create a pile that you’ll have to walk around for months? Golly! We’ll take care of you, kid, by storing your calendars for free until the fall.

Be the First

No doubt you’ve also heard the phrase “wait your turn” come out of your dad’s mouth more than once. You won’t need to budge if you take care of your calendar business ASAP. Instead, you can sit back and relax knowing your customers will have your calendar in their hands first.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Avoid the scramble created by late-season orders. When you take care of all those details earlier in the year, there are no last-minute hassles to “deal” with. You rest assured that your calendars are produced and ready to be delivered when you are ready for them.

Seems too Good to be True

Your father was right to warn you to be cautious when something seems too easy. We assure you that seizing the opportunity to save money, get the calendar style you want, and be the first to get your brand on your customers’ walls is just that simple. We help make the process even smoother with free storage until you’re ready for your product. All joking aside, placing your calendar order early is the kind of no-nonsense, practical thing your dad would want you to do.

And if you don’t order the Dad Jokes calendar? Don’t worry – we promise not to tell.

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