Denmark consistently ranks in the top five in the World Happiness Report, and many point to the Danish concept of hygge as a contributing factor. Roughly translated, the term means coziness. While the Danes embrace hygge year-round, there’s no denying that chilly fall and winter weather provide the perfect backdrop to practice these principles. To help you spread some warmth this year-end, we’ve handpicked 5 products that will infuse coziness into anyone’s life, making them ideal gifts for employees and
customers alike.

Cable Knit Sherpa Blanket | Item #26296

Picture this: a chilly fall evening, a classic Cable Knit Sherpa Blanket, and you. The sherpa backing on this throw takes comfort to a whole new level, making it just the right weight for snuggling up while you watch a holiday movie or dive into a good book.

Scott Flannel Fleece Blanket | Item #26176

Who says outdoor adventures have to end when the leaves start falling? Embrace the chill in the air by bundling up in our soft Scott Flannel Fleece Blanket. It’s perfect for cozy nights of stargazing or toasting marshmallows around a campfire.

Melrose Mug | Item #46239

Warm up from the inside out with a cup of tea or decadent hot cocoa served up in our modern Melrose Mug. Its matte earth tones bring a touch of serenity to even the most hectic days. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for effortless cleanup. Cheers to that!

SCX Design® Wireless Earbuds and Charging Case | Item #3512

When you need to escape the holiday hustle and bustle, our SCX Design® Wireless Earbuds are your ticket to tranquility. Research shows that listening to music can help reduce stress and anxiety. So, take a break from the holiday bustle, grab these wireless earbuds, and wrap yourself in some soft holiday tunes.

Souvenir® Armor Gold Pen | Item #55945C

In a world where technology reigns supreme, taking time to put pen to paper can be an act of self-care. There are so many possibilities – and benefits!

Ready to gift some coziness this holiday season? Find these products and get more inspiration with our 2023 Gift Guide or click on over to our webpage for a curated assortment of products that will show your customers and employees just how much you appreciate them.

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