Kodiak Adventure offers numerous activities throughout the Anchorage, Alaska area and wanted to cross promote their company offerings to new and existing customers.

There is steep competition for similar activities in the Anchorage area and Kodiak wanted to let people know they could book a whale watch, fly fishing and mountain hike all with the same company.  Kodiak wanted to have one item to promote the three excursions to maximize exposure and budget.

The BIC Tri Stic (Item #TS) offers three sides and three different imprints (in three different colors) – and was perfect for promoting all three excursions.  The company phone number was imprinted on the clip.

The pens were given to the local visitors bureau for use by visitor to the center, handed out with flyers and given to customers when they filled out waivers and signed receipts.

The result was a significant increase in traffic to some of Kodiak's lesser known excursions and awareness of all they have to offer.

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Item #TS – BIC® Tri-Stic®

3 sides, 3 different imprints in 3 different colors!

Imprint on the clip for a 4th location!

 Always in stock

 Over 100 possible color combinations




~Margit Fawbush

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