BIC Graphic’s JAFFA(R) Collection offers a variety of award and recognition pieces – from bamboo to art glass and everything in between.  Many of the materials that make up these pieces require definition – in order to better help you sell them to your customers.

24% Lead Crystal – Lead crystal is glass made with addition of lead. The most prized lead crystal contains 24 percent lead oxide which provides the optimum weight, hardness and color. It also makes crystal softer than glass and allows crystal artisans to cut and bevel with brilliant edges. Due to softness it can be poured into molds and used in sculptural components of awards and trophies.

Jade Glass – Jade glass takes your award from simple to simply stunning. The higher iron content gives the glass a natural green hue. Jade glass awards are not only affordable and 100% lead-free but are sure to impress and sparkle. All of our Jade Glass Awards are hand-polished and beveled to attract light.

Starfire Glass – Starfire glass maintains an extraordinarily clear, consistent color & clarity due to its low-iron content. It gives the perception of luxury and signifies high quality in glass awards. By choosing Starfire glass you’re selecting the most brilliant, transparent and elegant 100% lead-free glass available.

Marble – Marble is one of the oldest and naturally occurring formations. The inherent beauty and colorful swirls created by its imperfections make each piece of marble a one-of-a-kind stone.

Bamboo – Bamboo is grown in Asia and is harvested by hand, not machines, to have a minimal impact on the ecology. It is a certified renewable resource making these awards perfect for “green” initiatives.

Acrylic – Acrylic awards are created from durable plastic and give the impression of a glass or crystal award but at economical prices. They are much lighter and have a higher resistance to impact and  breakage than glass. Acrylic awards are known for maintaining clarity over time and come in a variety of colors making them an excellent choice for your awards event.

Optical Crystal – Optical Crystal is 100% lead-free crystal that is subjected to tremendous pressure to ensure that no bubbles, flow lines, or distortions occur. Creating clear and flawless pieces of recognition that truly impress.

Art Glass – Art glass is individually made by hand. Each piece is a unique creation; thus sizes, colors and translucency may vary from piece to piece. During the process of hand molding, small air bubbles may get trapped inside. This is a characteristic attribute and by no means a defect. Air bubbles and material particles add character and uniqueness to art glass awards.

Poly-Resin – Poly-Resin is a popular choice among artists because of its ability to hold a high level of  detail. Our Poly-Resin awards are bronze finished adding a traditional touch to these substantial pieces of art.

We’ve developed a 1-page glossary that is available here as a sales piece for you to use in presentations.  Happy Selling!


~Margit Fawbush


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