Sine 1908, the Atchison® brand has stood for sophisticated stying and retail-inspired designs. Several trends continue to inform the 2016 line to keep it on the cutting edge – why offer your customers the same old same old when you can give them something fresh?

AP8017 Countryside Cotton Tote

1)  Cotton – Cotton, a natural fiber, is extremely popular at retail right now. Cotton totes are the perfect summer accessory for shopping, the beach, boating and more. The addition of a printed pattern design and leather look handles are nice touches as well.



AP5016_orange_styled_1c (1)
AP5016 Landon Sport Drawstring

2) Drawstring Backpacks with a little something extra – These sporty bags continue to be popular with all ages, but its important to set yourself apart with new accents such as two-toned drawstring cords or zipper trims. Bright colors with and quality, reinforced stitching are also important!


Winners Take All Collection


3) Collections – matching sets are something that people really appreciate. For example the Winners Take All Collection offers a Duffel, Cooler, Backpack, Tote and Drawstring Backpack in a sporty, stylish look.


AP8012 Annie Tote

4) A little something extra – special touches like contrast stitching accents, grommets, shoulder-length handles, curved pockets, extra pockets – these are all things that set your bag apart from the rest. And that’s what keeps your bag around increasing brand impressions showing ROI for your clients.



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~Margit Fawbush

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