We all start off a new year with fresh hope and a commitment to new or improved habits. BIC Graphic has a few suggestions for our valued distributors – 5 simple resolutions (or suggestions) to help you maximize your existing book of business, build customer loyalty and explore new opportunities.

  1. Start selling a new product category. Are you comfortable selling pens or mugs but ablogcover_2017-2 little intimidated by more complex or high tech products? Is this holding you back from higher-end products like awards or the repeat business calendars can guarantee? Well have no fear, we can provide you with the training and trend information you need to sell any of our product categories with confidence. Click here for a post on growing your recognition business.
  2. Explore an unfamiliar client industry. In a post last year, I discussed the benefits of finding a niche and becoming a true promotional marketing resource within a specific industry. But if that niche dries up or if you see some new industry growth worth exploring, don’t hesitate to diversify. It all starts with research and preparation. BIC Graphic offers several resources to help you approach and sell to 40 major markets such as healthcare, financial, and education. Click here for a link to our vertical market presentations – or contact your BIC Graphic rep for a customizeable version that you can add your logo to and edit. Check out our Vertical Markets Brochure for a great selling piece that covers the most popular industries.
  3. Commit to sourcing from compliant, reputable suppliers. Nervous about recalls? Not suresuperior_compliance_seal what sort of product safety testing documentation you need? Pitching a client in California and worried about Prop 65? Save yourself the stress by partnering with a supplier with proven and superior compliance. For example, nearly all BIC Graphic product skus are Prop 65 compliant and don’t require a label when shipping to CA. That’s one thing to check off the worry list. Only want to sell products you and your clients can trust to be safe and responsibly manufactured or sourced? Choose your suppliers carefully.
  4. Connect with customers. Twitter found 47% of customers who follow a brand are more inclined to actually visit the company’s website, and 72% of a business’s followers are likely to make a purchase. More than 40 million small businesses use Business Pages on Facebook today, and over 1 billion people visit Pages each month. It’s a major understatement to say people are active on Faceb479251924ook. The average American spends 40 minutes each day on this particular platform — 15% longer than any other social media network. Worried about having relevant content to share and keeping up a consistent stream? Don’t -develop a plan to post 2-3 times per week initially. Follow your favorite suppliers and share their interesting content. Looking for help getting started? Contact me through the blog comments and we’ll set up a time to chat.
  5. Make promotions personal. A client issues the ultimate challenge – they want b7d96-6a0105367a9507970b019102e51aec970c-pisomething that will really “wow” sales meeting attendees, or “truly impress” board members. Personalization adds instant impact and guarantees the item will be kept long past the event. Consider interesting imprint options like full-color or digital personalization to make an item pop and add that “wow” your client is looking for. britePix® technology is our solution to just such a challenge.

Your friends at BIC Graphic wish you a happy, successful and profitable new year! Stay tuned for more great trends and selling ideas right here at bicgraphicblog.com.

~Margit Fawbush


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