Looking for fresh ideas for summer promotions? Retail home and fashion trends inform the industry product development and keep you and your customers on the cutting edge. Check out the top trends for summer – in color, form and function.

Mbackpackilitary Inspired – leather accents, buckle closures, extra pockets and a utilitarian feel inform luggage and bag designs. The rucksack is hot – with a drawstring closure plus flap and buckles, this trend is all over high-end handbags. Camo continues to be popular – beyond hunting and camping. And military jackets and accessories just ooze cool casual.

Snap Down Rucksack Backpack #AP5017


It follows that rugged durability would inform function in our industry. Clearly evident in promotional drinkware, dual-wall stainless steel with vacuum insulation, shatter resistant plastics and reinforced finger hooks or carabiner clips continue to be popular.

Glacial Diamonds Tumbler #46113



Color trends are all over the board. Super brights like electric blue, almost neon sunshine yellow, and hot orangy reds are everywhere – from shoes to bags to dresses. You’ll see these color trends in bags, coolers, writing instruments, and drinkware especially.

Element Slim Pen #55820


Yet one of the hottest (or coolest) hues is “Niagara Denim Blue” – a muted blueNiagara Denim Blue with gray undertones that works almost as a neutral. This color is popping up everywhere, from home decor to apparel to handbags. Look for Niagara Denim Blue in promotional apparel and bags.

KAPSTON(TM) Jaxon Tote #15863



Stripes of all kinds continue to be popular – but this summer, the bigger the better. We are seeing this trend translated in promotional tote bags and cooler bags as both exterior fabric colors and interior liners.


Two Pocket Fashion Tote #AP8018

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~Margit Fawbush

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