Manufacturing Facilitator – Clearwater, FL

This BIC Graphic NA hero is being recognized for continued reliability supporting his team in effectively fulfilling new large orders while maintaining delivery of smaller orders. Thank you, Chris, for being such a valuable BIC Graphic NA team member!

Chris brought over 20 years of printing business experience when he joined BIC Graphic NA ten years ago. He started in the Sticky Note™ department running the 5 color Sanden press and filling in on the line that glued the Sticky Notes™ when people were out. While in that role he also learned to run the HP Indigo digital press that prints digital wrapped pens, magnets and mouse pads. After a year Chris was promoted to Facilitator on second shift, and moved to first shift 4-5 years later.

As a Facilitator, Chris is the liaison between machine operators and supervisors and ensures orders are at the correct machines and shipped on time. He is a problem solver, working closely with the Manufacturing Liaison Team, Art Department, and Shipping Department. He supports the operators on his team when they have trouble with orders on their computers. Chris recently starting helping with factory tours and really enjoys this new part of his job.

Chris says his favorite part about working at BIC Graphic NA is the great bunch of people he gets to work with, and he feels honored to work alongside them every day. He loves how well the Facilitator team gets along and that they get to do a little bit of everything as the trouble shooters in manufacturing.

Chris’ favorite product line is Round Stic® because that is his department, but his favorite pen is the Clic Stic®. He doesn’t feel too bad about liking a writing instrument from a different department because will begin working directly with the Clic Stic® line soon as well.

In his spare time, Chris and his wife like to spend time on their boat fishing or kayaking around the Tampa Bay area. He likes to bake and make his own smoked sausage, and to share his creations with his very appreciative coworkers.

Thank you Chris, for your dedication to problem solving to keep our operations running smoothly!

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