Promotional sunglasses make a big impact by advertising brand messages and logos every time they’re worn. We’ve compiled some fun facts that shed new light on this tried and true promo category because the future’s so bright for sunglasses promos, you gotta’ wear shades.

The most expensive pair of sunglasses on eBay was Elvis Presley’s famous Madison Square Garden’s. They sold for $250,000. [1] We think “The King” would appreciate the #26110 Plastic Aviator Sunglasses with Mirror Lenses for taking care of business.


Every 14 minutes an American loses, breaks or sits on a pair of sunglasses. Why shouldn’t someone’s next pair include your client’s logo or message? The #26050 Cool Vibes Dark Lenses Sunglasses are available with imprint on the bow or directly on the lenses to make a big impression.


The first sunglasses were invented in 12th century China. The darkened lenses were only available for the very wealthy and worn by judges in Chinese courts to conceal facial expressions when questioning witnesses. #26111 Bold Sunglasses may not hide what you’re really thinking, but they do have dark lenses and your choice of 10 different frame colors.



Most characters from the movie “The Matrix” wore sunglasses. Did you know the protagonists wore round lenses, and the antagonists wore rectangular? We’d recommend the #26114 Vicky Sunglasses in black for Neo while Agent Smith can wear the #26115 Wrap Sunglasses.


Elton John is rumored to have a collection of more than 1,000 pairs of sunglasses. A bright pair of #26053 Pixel Sunglasses with 4-color process imprint on the lenses could be a fun addition to his collection.


Before the beginning of WWII in 1936, Ray-Ban designed anti-glare aviator style sunglasses to maximally shield flier’s eyes. Metal aviators are still in-style today and a popular summer promo item. The #26108 Aviator Sunglasses have metal frames and mirrored lenses while the #26107 Aviators have metal frames with dark lenses. The pad imprint on the upper right corner makes the brand message highly visible.


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