Promotional products are an integral component of awareness campaigns to help organizations spread their message. Calendars should be considered useful tools to educate potential supporters, target people who share an organization’s mission and to generate new contacts – all while displaying brand messaging for the entire year!

We’ve outlined some of our favorite calendars to generate attention for worthy causes; because every day is a good day to help raise money and awareness for your philanthropic clients.

Sustainable Earth

Going green initiatives provide knowledge that helps people lead more ecologically friendly lives while helping the environment. Organizations focused on recycling, energy consumption, natural resource conservation, global warming and more can use promotional items to effectively spread their message and promote green holidays/celebrations.

Dates to Remember:

  • America Recycles Day – November 15, 2019
  • National Green Week – begins first full week of February annually
  • Earth Day – April 22, 2019


#7244 goingreen™ Stapled Appointment Calendar – This eco-friendly calendar is printed on 30% recycled paper. The beautiful imagery is complemented by a new, informative green living tip each month.

#1251 Gardens Spiral Appointment Calendar – Includes twelve beautiful backyard images with a basic gardening tip each month. Includes a Pixaction augmented reality preview and sunrise/sunset times on each date grid.

Health Initiatives

The National Health Observances calendar includes more than 200 special observations during 2018. NHOs are special days, weeks, or months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics. [2] Each of these are an opportunity to provide information about disease prevention and health initiatives.

Dates to Remember:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October
  • National Diabetes Awareness Month – November
  • American Heart Month – February


#7573 Healthy Living Window Appointment Calendar – Make sure your message stands out all year with a large center imprint area. This calendar features images of majestic natural wonders plus healthy living tips.

#8200 Adult Coloring Book Planner, Standard – Coloring can reduce anxiety, create focus and help with mindfulness in an effort to improve mental health. [3] This planner has beautiful designs to color while keeping schedules organized. Includes 4-color process imprint on the front outside cover.

#1301 Healthy Eating Appointment Calendar – Healthy eating can be delicious too with these 12 mouth-watering foods accompanied by make-it-healthy tips. Includes 12 clip-and-save recipe cards (one of each featured food) at the back and a kitchen reference guide.

Nature Conservation

Wildlife and nature conservation organizations ensure the world’s most iconic species and spaces are protected. The vision of conservationists includes a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people conserve nature for its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives. With over 101 million Americans participating in wildlife-related activities there is interest at local, regional and national levels in natural resource conservation. [4]

Dates to Remember:

  • World Wildlife Day – March 3, 2019
  • National Park Week – April 20 – April 28, 2019
  • World Oceans Day – June 8, 2019


#2800 Wildlife Watch Appointment Calendar – Discover how animals navigate their natural habitats with Pixaction technology that incorporates augmented reality throughout.

#1710 National Parks Appointment Calendar – Be captivated by the natural beauty of America’s National Parks with the vivid imagery on this calendar. Available with an extra sheet and/or insights backmount for no additional cost.

#7017 Ocean Glory Spiral Appointment Calendar – Spectacular sea life imagery is showcased on this vibrant and colorful calendar. Printed on gloss paper stock with UV coated cover.

Family Farm Preservation

Family farms produce food for people all across the U.S. and is an important part of the agriculture industry. In fact, 97% of the 2.1 million farms in the United States are family-owned operations. [5] Organizations on the local, regional and national level advocate for fair farm policies that defend family farm-centered agriculture in this heavily regulated industry. [2]

Dates to Remember:

  • National Farm to School Month – October
  • World Food Day – October 16, 2019
  • National Ag Week – March 17 – 23, 2019


#4242 Agriculture Desk Calendar – This tent mount desk calendar features vibrant images portraying rich and varied agriculture settings. Includes 1-color imprint on both sides of the mount.

#6218 Agriculture Span-A-Year – See the entire year at a glance for convenient planning. Features four beautiful farm setting images and a large center imprint area to make sure your brand message gets noticed.

Animal Welfare

About 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters in the U.S. each year and the majority are adopted or returned to their owners. Organizations like the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States rely on donations, volunteers and fundraising events to do this work. [6] Promotional calendars are a great way to motivate people to donate to their cause while displaying their mission to stop animal cruelty and abandonment.

Dates to Remember:

  • National Pet Month – April
  • Adopt-a-Cat/Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month – June
  • Adopt-a-Dog/Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month – October


#4259 Puppies & Kittens Desk Calendar – These adorable animals will make you smile every month while promoting your brand message. Includes 1-color, 2 location imprint on both sides of the tent mount.

#7708 Puppies & Kittens Mini Appointment Calendar – This 12-month calendar features images of puppies and kittens to connect with animal lovers while promoting your message all year long.

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