Year-end is right around the corner which means new calendars, appointment books and planners for many homes and businesses. Despite the rise of the digital age, paper calendars are still popular and have shown increased sales in recent years. Plus, as a percentage of sales of promotional products, calendars have held steady or increased slightly according to industry figures. (1)

BIC Graphic NA has you covered when it comes to calendars for your customers’ year-end planning needs. Our partner and proprietary calendar brands help end users express their unique messages all year long. If your clients are looking for fun designs, iconic imagery or reliable quality at any price point – the BIC Graphic NA portfolio of calendar brands delivers.


  • goingreen™: Show your commitment to the environment and conserving energy; beautiful, informative and printed on 30% recycled paper
  • Good Value™: Representing the best for less by offering reliable quality and a surprising selection of best-sellers at practical price points.
  • National Geographic®: Furthering knowledge and understanding of our world has been the core purpose of National Geographic for 130 years.
  • Nuvo™ by Triumph® Calendars: Create lasting impressions with shape, dimension or special inks and coatings. These are not your standard calendars!
  • Pixaction: Bring calendars to live with augmented reality. Simply download the app, scan images and watch them come to life.
  • The Saturday Evening Post: The Saturday Evening Post has chronicled American history since 1728 and delivers imagery that reflects American ideals and values.
  • Triumph® Calendars: Industry-leading selection of calendars to suit every taste and match every budget. In fact, Triumph® Calendars have been awarded 17 consecutive Distributor Choice Awards!
  • Your NAME Here™: Make it memorable and ensure recipients know how special they are with the ultimate in personalization.

Custom calendars aren’t just for huge corporations. BIC Graphic NA has custom solutions for smaller quantities, fast turn-times and custom images that can showcase what makes your client unique and special. Custom calendars help build awareness, loyalty and reinforce key brand messages.

If your customer hasn’t ordered 2019 calendars yet, now is the time! Remember, a calendar is a promotional product that is typically used for 12 months – that is a full year of exposure for a customer’s brand.

Whether looking for appointment calendars, planners, stickups or more, visit to view calendar solutions for all your customers’ year-end planning needs.

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