A Case for Good Will

Item: #7708 Puppies & Kittens Mini Appointment Calendar
Client: Pet Food Manufacturer
Purpose: Increase pet food sales through goodwill campaign

A pet food manufacturer partnered with a nationwide pet store to provide food samples during special adoption and vaccination events. They also wanted to add a branded item to accompany the sample that would be kept and used by the new pet owners.

They chose the mini appointment calendar because the imagery had universal appeal and it kept their brand in front of new pet owners for a full year. The calendars were distributed at pet store events and with food samples as part of a new pet owner kit. The manufacturer was happy to participate in a goodwill campaign and provide a useful item with a longer lifespan than just the food sample.


  • Adorable imagery of puppies and kittens truly connects with customers
  • Gloss paper stock with UV coated cover
  • 12-Month Calendar

A Case for Follow-Up Appointments

Item: #5323 2-Color Stick Up Grid, English (13-month)
Client: Landscape Company
Purpose: New client gift

A landscape company purchased these calendars to give to new clients. At their initial appointment, the landscaper would mark the upcoming dates of service. The imprint included contact details and basic information about the best times to water a lawn/landscape. Customers appreciated an informational tool that kept the company’s contact information handy and the company saw a 50% increase in repeat service appointments.


  • A compact calendar that sticks easily in vehicles, on file cabinets, refrigerators and more
  • 22 mount shapes, 9 vinyl colors, and 13 foil colors available

A Case for Brand Awareness

Item: #4306 Triumph® Curved Memo Desk Calendar
Client: Regional Banking System
Purpose: Brand awareness and service reminder

A bank with multiple branch locations in eight counties wanted something special to give customers. The style of this desk calendar complemented their slogan “pure and simple” with a modern twist. Each branch location in the region personally handed out the calendars as customers visited.

They were so popular that the bank reordered 1,700 additional calendars and started planning their next one. The advertising effectiveness of this calendar remained all year long and provided repeated reminders of the bank’s services, locations and positive attitude toward customers and the community.


  • Modern desk calendar with contrasting black and bright colors
  • 2019 calendar
  • Imprint stand out with vibrant foil colors

A Case for Custom

Item: #141 Custom Coupon Calendar
Client: Sewing Supply Company
Purpose: Promote product/services and thank customers

A mail-order company providing sewing supplies and machine parts had a custom calendar produced to promote products, services and to say  “thank you” to customers. The custom calendars were mailed to current customers all over the world. With the coupon-type ads, each grid offered a way to get special pricing on goods and the inserted letter helped create goodwill. Overall, the calendar reinforced the company’s dedication to customer service.141-custom-calendar-with-coupon Description:

  • Phantom overprint of the company logo on the calendar grid
  • Reminders of pertinent dates overprinted on the pad as a reminder to valued customers
  • Below the pictures were coupon-type ads on supplies and machine parts
  • A letter thanking customers from the executive VP was spiraled in after the front cover


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