The Religion vertical market is a top purchaser of promotional products, but things in that sector may be changing. Over a quarter of US adults now identify as spiritual but not religious, an increase of eight percentage points over five years. [1] The common tie between people who identify as spiritual is that their definition is very personal because their spirituality includes chosen beliefs that help guide their actions. [2]

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Religion is defined as a specific set of organized beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group. Spirituality most often includes an individual practice focused on a sense of peace, purpose and connection. [3] As more and more people embrace spirituality, the vertical market that has been defined as “Religious” in the promo industry can expand to appeal to a bigger audience.

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The clear differences between religion and spirituality means there is growing potential for promotional products that have not historically appealed to the Religion vertical market. In addition to ceramic drinkware, calendars, magnets and writing instruments; spiritual customers are likely to embrace items across a broader range of categories.

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Many people view spirituality as a way to seek comfort and peace as they navigate ups and downs in their lives. It is often practiced through activities focused on stress release, self-care and emotional check-ins. [4] People exploring spirituality may try meditation, practice self-awareness and read books about ways to incorporate spirituality in everyday life.

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As you build campaigns for religious and spiritual clients alike, think outside the box to expand the promotional reach to a growing audience. Visit to explore products that may appeal to your spiritual customers.

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