Melanie Dean, Marketing Associate – Clearwater, FL

Today we are honoring Melanie Dean as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for elevating the look of our storyboards and tackling projects outside the scope of her daily responsibilities. She has been integral in several marketing initiatives including; launching virtual sample presentations, assisting with merchandising requests and completing competitive analysis.

Melanie started in the BIC Graphic NA Art Department in 2003. Over ten years she worked as an artist then grew into the role of trainer. After moving into Sales as a Sales Coordinator for about four years, Melanie was promoted to her current Marketing role in 2018.

As Marketing Associate, Melanie works closely with Account Managers to provide creative merchandising solutions for their clients. She crafts visual aids to help distributors sell BGNA products within their chosen metrics using her own research and insights from Account Managers. These visual aids may be a PowerPoint presentation, sleek PDF storyboards or spreadsheets.

Melanie feels blessed to have met so many incredible people as the company has grown over the years – it’s her favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA! Along with BGNA colleagues; Melanie enjoys working with our partners, vendors and distributors as well.

With a background in art, it is no surprise the #ICLGEL BIC® Intensity® Clic™ Gel Pen has been Melanie’s favorite product since she started with BGNA. She has done hundreds of sketches with that pen, to this day if she needs to ink anything she will choose the BIC® Intensity® Pen over a fine arts pen.

In her spare time, Melanie operates a small bakery out of her home kitchen. When she isn’t baking you’ll find her covered in acrylics while working on her next painting. She primarily paints portraiture of people and animals from pop culture in a high contrast style, and she is currently working on a series of scientists (Tesla is up next).

Melanie also loves going to comic conventions like San Diego Comic Con, where she participates in their art show and attends a lot of panels. She does cosplay when possible, but finds it is best to not be dressed up when having your art portfolio critiqued. One year she won an award from the Costumer’s Guild of America for a Star Wars Jedi Costume and Good Morning America picked up video of it on the AP wire! Melanie points to this as her 15 minutes of fame.

Thank you Melanie, for your endless creativity and for going above and beyond in your role!

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