With the JAFFA® One simple price policy, dedicated service and a diverse range of quality products, BIC Graphic NA is your complete source for awards and recognition. So in honor of Hollywood Awards Season and the JAFFA® brand, we’ve compiled some fun facts on celebrity celebrations that just might inspire new sales in this prestigious promo category.

Before The Artist won in 2011, Wings was the only silent film to previously win an Oscar for Best Picture. (1) Striking in its vertical design, the chrome and crystal #35731 Altair is a great homage to this movie about two young fighter pilots during World War 1.



The GRAMMY red carpet is 500 feet long by 80 feet wide and has welcomed over 7,000 people in a single year. The #36686 Mannequin Vase could be a great complement to the carpet while enhancing the pre-show décor.


Television engineer Louis McManus’s design of a woman with wings holding an atom was chosen as the model for the Emmy award to tie together art and science. McManus modeled the woman on his wife, Dorothy. (2) If they’re ever looking to update their look, we recommend the #36779 Dominion as an inspirational, powerful option.


The Golden Globes like to keep the drinks flowing. In fact, it was once reported that there are 400 bottles of champagne on hand to keep guests’ glasses filled while at their tables. (3) If the Globes are looking for a place for guests to set down their bubbly, we recommend #25035 Round Brass Coasters for an added touch of sophistication.


The first color film to win a Best Picture Oscar was Gone with the Wind in 1940. (4) The #36873 Rainbow Swirl features a fascinating design of multi-colored art glass that would have looked right at home in Tara.


Three US presidents; Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have won GRAMMY Awards. (5) While the gilded gramophone trophy is nice, I bet these past presidents would really be honored to receive a #36796 Liberty Tower and some #25094 Verde Marble Bookends for their presidential libraries.


During the 1979 Emmy ceremony, Alan Alda picked up a prize for his writing on M*A*S*H. He was so excited to win an award for his writing that he cartwheeled down the aisle, creating one of the most iconic Emmy moments of all time. (6) We think the #36774 Founder Award, with ink well and removable quill, would have been an equally memorable way for Alda to commemorate his special moment.


Both Renee Zellweger and Christine Lahti both almost missed their big moments because they were in the restroom when their Golden Globe wins were announced. (7) If only the #36872 Pentagon Clock had been around, these ladies may have been at their tables at the right time.


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