Jennifer Fonseca, North America Import/Export Customs Compliance Specialist – Clearwater, FL

Today we are honoring Jennifer as a BIC Graphic NA Hero for living and breathing import-export compliance and always working to get the best deal for the company. Despite needing to be tough in fighting customs audits every day, Jennifer is known to be a caring and generous person who is a valuable asset to the BIC Graphic NA team.

Jennifer started her BGNA career in 2016 as an import analyst, and eventually transitioned to the role of North America import/export custom compliance specialist. Her goal within the company is to limit the liability of customs audits and penalties.

On a typical day you’ll find Jennifer answering emails on anything import/export related, auditing, completing data analysis and resolving any customs delays. Jennifer works hard to examine and question audits to the penny so BIC Graphic NA does not pay any more than is necessary.

Jennifer’s favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is traveling to all the sites and seeing each facility in action. Her favorite product is #45374 Primo Mug. She and her mom enjoy their morning coffees in Primo Mugs every Saturday.

When she isn’t at work, Jennifer loves being with her small family who are her whole world. She has four kids ages 6 – 13, as well as her mother and her little brother. She enjoys frequent family movie nights with the kids, and loves all things Tim Burton. Jennifer is also a kid at heart; she even has a massive collection of toys like Funko Pops.

Thank you, Jennifer for being such a valuable member of the BIC Graphic NA team!

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