At BIC Graphic NA, the #46173 Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler is one of our favorite products, and for good reason. With a great design and superior performance, it is no surprise this multi-function drinkware quickly became a best-seller since launching last year. Here are our top 10 reasons why the Koozie® Triple is better for your clients and your business.

1. A True Triple Threat

If you’re looking for a promo that the masses will love, the Koozie® Triple is it! As a tumbler with drop-in lid, can kooler and bottle kooler, this drinkware keeps your brand message on display from morning to night whether at home, work, or play.

2. Three Functions, One Price

That lid we mentioned? The Koozie® Triple comes with a spill-resistant, drink-thru lid to easily go from can/bottle kooler to tumbler. The best part? We don’t charge extra for the lid. You get the whole thing at an affordable price point, so this tumbler packs a promotional punch.

3. It Gets Noticed

You’ve seen stainless steel can/bottle koolers before, but the Koozie® Triple has a little something extra – your company logo! Similar products may not be customizable, so really what’s the point?

4. Imprint Masters

The BIC Graphic facility that imprints the Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler prints more than 1.5 million units per day. With 1-side, 2-side or wraparound imprints in screen print or full color britePix® options; the Koozie® Triple can perfectly convey your clients’ brand messages to leave a lasting impression.

5. Historic Greatness

The Koozie® brand has been around for 40 years, not just 13, and their products are designed to perform exceptionally well for modern life. This iconic past guides the innovative vision of the Koozie® in-house design team so you know the Triple is more than just a flash in the pan.

6. The Original Chill™

Our tests show that a Koozie® Triple will keep your beer or soda cold for up to 12 hours when used as a can or bottle kooler. However, according to one Koozie® fan, Drew, “I swear my drinks get colder when I use the Triple. I know that scientifically doesn’t make any sense, but to me the Triple means serious chill.”

7. Lookin’ Good

The Koozie® Triple isn’t over-engineered or under-engineered. It’s engineered to perform how you want it to, with an exclusive design that is comfortable in your hand. Your morning coffee will stay hot and your cans and bottles will stay cold for hours. But let’s be honest, does anyone really take hours to drink their favorite beverage?

8. Florida Brings the Heat

BIC Graphic is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, where summers are described as long, hot and oppressive.(1) Floridians also like to have a cool beverage in-hand, whether relaxing on the beach or boating on the Gulf. The Koozie®Triple is Sunshine State tested, Sunshine State approved (at least according to our CEO).

9. Relaxing shouldn’t be a workout

Remember how the Koozie® Triple isn’t over-engineered? That also means the sleek design is lighter, weighing 2.5 ounces less than other popular stainless-steel beer insulators. Because we don’t think enjoying beverages with friends needs to include an arm workout.

10. Superior Performance, Great Price

The Koozie® brand has been keeping beverages at the right temperature since 1979. Our in-house designers rely on the strong brand heritage to create innovative products that perform exceptionally well for modern life. We stand behind The Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler, but still offer it at a price that makes sense for your business and your customers.

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Koozie® is a registered trademark of BIC Graphic NA. ©2019 BIC Graphic NA, Clearwater, FL

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