Koozie® kooler bags are synonymous with summertime cook-outs, tailgate parties, campsites and everywhere else people gather to have fun. Just like with our famous can koolers; the Koozie® brand takes insulating your beverages and snacks seriously so you can keep the good times going.

We pride ourselves on being insulation experts and want to share that knowledge with you – our valued customers! Read on to learn more about choosing the perfect Koozie® kooler bag for your next promotion.

Keeping Things Cool

For those of us who need a science refresher, heat is transferred through convection and conduction, which are the main culprits of ice melting in your kooler bag.

  • Convection: Air flow resulting in the transfer of heat
  • Conduction: Heat that is transferred directly through a substance

By keeping the kooler lid closed, warm air can’t flow and melt the ice, so convection is minimal. However, heat energy coming from the walls of the cooler melts more ice. That’s why it is better to keep your kooler bag in the shade because even though conduction still happens, the process is much slower.

Soft-Sided vs. Hard-Sided Coolers


Soft-sided kooler bags are versatile and perfect for everyday use. Soft koolers are lighter, highly portable, easy to store and ideal for a wide variety of events and occasions – making them great promotional items!

Koozie® kooler bags use layers of foam to increase the ice retention property, so the ice takes more time to melt and helps keeps your snacks and drinks chilled until you’re ready for the party to end.

Hard-sided coolers are ready for rugged adventures where keeping items cold for extended trips may be important. They are more durable because they’re made from hard plastic with varying thicknesses of foam insulation to keep the contents chilled. Hard-sided coolers are more suitable for use in rugged terrain or during extended exposure to the elements. (1)

Plastic, hard-sided cooler options have seen an increase in retail popularity in recent years, driven by premium performance brands. These high-end coolers are often pricey and geared towards consumers willing to pay top dollar. (2)

The Original Chill™


These Koozie® kooler bags are tried-and-true promotional winners, designed to keep items cold with ice packs. Perfect for lunch on the job, a morning on the boat or any bring-your-own-beverage party.


The #45036 Koozie® Six-Pack Kooler has been a staple of the Koozie® product line for over 15 years. The heat-sealed PEVA liner keeps drinks and snacks cool with room for a six-pack and more.


The added features on these Koozie® kooler bags were designed for convenient transport while keeping contents easily organized. Perfect promotions for those who want to enjoy the moment with products from a brand they know and trust.


#16042 Koozie® Chillin’ Bluetooth® Speaker Kooler – Bring snacks AND the tunes to the tailgate with this kooler that has two Bluetooth® speakers mounted in the front pocket to pair with your device! Features a main zippered compartment with a top hook-and-loop opening for easy access, additional exterior pockets, attached bottle opener and heat-sealed PEVA liner.

#15893 Koozie® Recreation Kooler – The bottom compartment of this trendy, two-tone cooler is perfect for plastic containers while the top holds the rest of your lunch. The two zippered main compartments are complemented by the imprinted front slip pocket.

#15658C Koozie® Two-Tone Rolling Kooler – Our best-selling rolling kooler now available in trendy two-tone! The Koozie® branded PEVA liner and insulation helps keep your items cool during the hot weather and tailgating.


Launched in 2018, the Koozie® Olympus Kooler Collection includes durable, soft-sided koolers in a variety of styles. The tarpaulin material is water-resistant and added features like attached bottle openers, wrapped carry handles and organizational pockets make this a customer favorite for any outdoor adventure.


The #16017 Koozie® Olympus Kooler Tote holds up to 28 cans and features a main zippered compartment, zippered pocket and a wrapped carry handles with crossbar handle for extra support.


The #16002 Koozie® Olympus Kooler Backpack holds up to 36 cans and features a padded mesh back and shoulder straps for added comfort plus two attached bottle opener.


The #15907 Koozie® Olympus 24-Can Kooler holds up to 24 cans plus ice and features wrapped carry handles, attached bottle openers and an adjustable/removable padded shoulder strap.

Be sure to show off your insulation expertise and visit kooziegroup.com to view all our Koozie® kooler bags.

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