Climate change continues to draw attention around the world, and students are having a big impact in the environmental movement. Young people involved in environmental issues see the value of strength in numbers, but also understand there can also be a positive impact when individuals make better choices. (1)

The commitment of young people to consider the environmental issues when making purchasing decisions is evident on many levels. From the eco-friendly brands they use every day to the schools they consider for higher education, students and parents are evaluating choices from an environmental angle. (2)

Eco-friendly promos are key to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials, and smart companies will leverage their interest to drive sales by advertising their brands on environmental promos. So, think green and earn green with these ideas to target the environmental vertical market.

It’s no secret that college students love can koolers, and the #45823 Koozie® Collapsible Eco Can Kooler contains a minimum of 10% renewable resources in the foam material that keeps beverages colder, longer. This is a great promo for the environmentally-conscious that has a long shelf life and works well for giveaways and mailings.

#45823 Koozie® Collapsible Eco Can Kooler

Single-use plastic straw bans are popping up around the country so alternatives like metal, silicone and paper options are growing in popularity. The #51031 Paper Straw adds a fun branding opportunity for food and beverage establishments, while the #51032 Delight Silicone Straw is great for students because it is colorful, compact and includes a keychain.

#51031 Paper Straw | #51032 Delight Silicone Straw

Bags generate more than 5,700+ impressions on average, more than any other promotional item. (3) As more communities around the US attempt to reduce waste by banning, taxing, or limiting single-use plastic bags there is growing opportunity for reusable totes and coolers. The #15476 Eco Non-Woven Tote is the perfect choice for the environmental market because it is made of 80% post-consumer recycled material. It also promotes eco-consciousness by displaying the recycled symbol and material content on the bottom corner of the bag.

#15476 Eco Non-Woven Tote

Promotional best-sellers are also available in eco-alternatives that will appeal to industries in the environmental vertical market. Suggest the #CSECO BIC® Ecolutions® Clic Stic® or #NC2A BIC® Non-Adhesive Cube to park departments, land developers, conservation organizations and local government offices. Options like these make tried-and-true promos more appealing to businesses and organizations that work closely with environmental issues.

#CSECO BIC® Ecolutions® Clic Stic® | #NC2A BIC® Non-Adhesive Cube

Companies in the environmental vertical can show appreciation for employee’s dedication to taking care of our world with the #36567 Mova® Globe. The globe has a small magnet inside that forces perpetual silent rotation of the globe on the optical crystal base.

#36567 Mova® Globe

The #46238 Silipint™ Straight Up Pint Glass is fun, vibrant and sustainable. Each item is made of food-grade silicone that is derived from easily accessible elements from the earth. They are perfect for hot or cold beverages and are reusable, unbreakable and even recyclable. However, if a Silipint ever happens to end up in a landfill incinerator the silicone will break down into harmless substances.

#46238 Silipint™ Straight Up Pint Glass

Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year at a recycling rate of only 23%. (4) Reusable water bottles are available in a variety of materials, designs, colors and price points to appeal to any environmental customer. Items like the #46253 Tervis® Stainless Steel Sport Bottle – 24 oz. is a high-quality promo that can help reduce environmental impact.

#46253 Tervis® Stainless Steel Sport Bottle – 24 oz.

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