The tradition of tailgating before sporting events has evolved from just enjoying a six-pack on the back of someone’s pickup. Today’s tailgates are elaborate parties packed with gourmet-level food, delicious craft drinks and entertainment that appeals to every fan.

Brands who want to get noticed on game day should get in on this lucrative market because Americans will spend up to $20 billion on tailgating activities this year! (1) Promotional items that help maximize the experience can help these brands make a great impression with tailgaters long after the playoffs have ended.

Here are 7 of the best tips and tricks for the ultimate tailgate event, and the promo items that could help change how you tailgate forever.

1. Create a Tailgate Tool Kit

Create a tailgate tool kit with grill tools, bottle/can openers, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, duct tape, permanent markers and anything else that will make the day go smoothly. Keep your tailgate toolbox well-stocked all season for a quick and convenient way to have the essentials handy week after week.


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2. Be in the Know

Even if you aren’t much of a planner, a few key things will make sure your tailgate party goes off without a hitch. Do some research to know when the parking lot gates open and any rules of the stadium area regarding grills and glass containers. Also plan to have some cash on-hand in case you end up parked in a cash-only lot. If you tailgate regularly, make a checklist so you can quickly reference what you need for a great party.


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3. Don’t Sweat It if you Forget It

Cracking a beer may seem impossible when you forget a bottle opener, but there are plenty of ways to get to that first sip. You can use a ring, a belt buckle, a folded-up dollar bill and even another bottle to get the top off and enjoy your favorite beverage. Better yet, use tailgate gear with built-in bottle openers and have one less thing to remember when packing for the party.


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4. Ready for Anything

It may not sound glamorous but be sure to have plenty of trash bags on-hand. If the weather turns damp, trash bags can turn into shoe covers, seat covers or even ponchos. Checking the game day weather report as part of your pre-party planning is smart, but trash bags will be there in a pinch if a surprise storm rolls in.


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5. Lead the Charge

Nothing dampens a party mood quicker than electronics that lose their charge mid-day. Having a way to charge Bluetooth® speakers, phones and tablets ensures you’ll have tunes all day plus the ability to check scores and your fantasy team standings.


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6. Something for Everyone

Tailgating is an experience enjoyed by almost every demographic and personality. Be sure to have plenty of options for people to enjoy themselves however they want to celebrate. Have things like comfortable seating options for fans who want to sit and chat, a Bluetooth® speaker to play party tunes, and entertaining activities to pass the time before the game begins.


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7. Stay Positive

Everyone at a tailgate party is there to have fun, even the fans of the opposing team. Show off your team spirit with apparel and gear in your team’s colors, but don’t go overboard with the good-natured trash talk if your tailgate neighbors root for the other side. Swap grilling tips, share condiments, and challenge them to a game of cornhole in the spirit of camaraderie and everyone will have a good time.


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