Modern tailgating has grown to be an event of its own nowadays as fans gather to celebrate their favorite teams before each and every game. There are a lot of things to consider when planning a great tailgate, and having the perfect outfit should definitely be at the top of that list.

Here are our top game day picks to amp up your outfit this season so you can tailgate in style.

It’s Raining Team Spirit

Tailgaters who are especially excited for the season will be certain that they have apparel and headwear on hand for every kind of weather. From tees and caps in September to jackets and beanies for the playoffs, be sure your tailgate attire is shining with team spirit all season long.


#A5054 Alternative® Backstage Tank

#26186 Cap America Mesh Back Solid Cap

#CT1028 Champion® Men’s Athletic Short Sleeve Tee


#G1499 Gear for Sports® Big Cotton Pant

#GDH250 ComfortWash™ by Hanes Garment Dyed Long Sleeve w/Pocket

#26192 Cap America Static Pattern Knit Beanie

#CB1012 Champion® Packable Jacket

Trendy Tailgaters

More people than ever before are participating in tailgate parties, even those who may not be die-hard sports fans. (1) Luckily, modern silhouettes, unexpected materials and on-trend styles can help fashionable tailgaters stand out from the crowd while still showing team pride.


#A5103 Alternative® Keeper Ringer Tee

#26130 IN & OUT BPA-Free Sunglasses

#26190 Cap America Blended Wool Modified Flat Bill Cap

#A9590 Alternative® Rocky Hoodie

Can’t Go Wrong with Classics

Some apparel styles feel right at home on campus, in the stadium and – of course – at tailgate parties! These classic styles have been around almost as long as tailgating itself, and are tried-and-true fan favorites.


#CS2083 Champion Eco® Powerblend® Pocketless 1/4 Zip

#CT1000 Champion® Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

#G7329 Gear for Sports® Women’s Mia V-Neck Tee

#G2100 Gear for Sports® Big Cotton Jacket

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