At BIC Graphic NA, we are all leaders driven by a core set of values called our People Powers. Everyday we leverage these People Power to create energy, win the right way and deliver amazing experiences that WOW!

Here’s an inside look at what each of our People Powers means to us, and why we recognize employees as BIC Graphic Heroes when they use these People Powers to raise the bar for our customers.

One Team

Listen more, talk less, serve other, make personal connections with others, and value everyone. Understand how your actions impact business and team goals. Encourage safe behavior in others, and demonstrate safe behavior yourself.


Speak with Truth & Kindness; Act with Integrity

Be open, positive, and clear. Earn trust by consistently communicating performance feedback, expectations, plans, and business strategy and the “why” behind them. Apologize when necessary, and forgive even when not asked. Do what is right when no one is looking.


Ask, Seek, Go Deep & Learn

Seek to understand and become informed by asking questions. Know your development areas, and push yourself to learn and grow.


Own It

Keep your word and do what you say you will do. Be honest about what you don’t know. Lead by example. Take responsibility for your own mistakes, results and those of your team. Be responsible with sensitive and confidential information.


Know the Business & Deliver

Know our products and the industry, understand your role in the organization, and define what top-notch service looks like. Be strategic – make a plan, execute it, and measure the results.


Customer Obsession

Start with the customer experience and work backward. Earn customers’ trust and advocate for customer needs. Recognize both internal and external customers; treat both with respect.


Raise the Bar

Look for opportunities to make the best even better in every moment. Be the champion of an idea, innovate and give it your all.


At BIC Graphic NA, we are proud to use our People Powers to guide everything we do; including making decisions, celebrating wins, moving our organization forward and engaging with our customers. You can learn more about life at BIC Graphic NA and our wide range of promotional products at

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