Customized pens have been a long-standing favorite among businesses looking to boost their brands. In fact, writing instruments accounted for more than $1.5 billion of total promo industry sales in 2018 – behind only wearables and drinkware. (1)

55991-Souvenir-Tidal-Customized-PenBut with promotional writing instruments generating 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime, clients want options to find the best customized pens to advertise their business. With thousands of choices, how can you help your clients pick the perfect pen to write their brand story?

“Two of the biggest factors influencing pen selection are ink and price point”, said Yolande Northington, BIC Graphic NA Product Manager for writing instruments. “Hybrid inks combine the smooth feel of a gel ink with the consistent write-out of ballpoint, so we developed pens with this elevated ink at nearly every price point within our Souvenir® brand.”

BIC Graphic NA revived the 100+ year old Souvenir® brand in late 2018, with an initial offering of 14 writing instruments. Since then, the brand has expanded to include more than 30 exclusive pen designs plus journals and stationery sets.

If you’re interested in helping clients write their unique story with a long-lasting and impactful promo, here are our tips to picking the best Souvenir® pen for the job.

On-Trend & Economical

Even with a smaller budget, clients can still have elevated features like hybrid ink and Souvenir® branding on their promo pens. These writing instruments are perfect for markets like insurance, government and food/beverage and are available for as low as $.50(c).55941-Souvenir-Sol-Pen

Attention Grabbing Grips

A good grip enables writers to control a pen or pencil with efficient finger movements and can make the act of writing more comfortable. (2) In promo, a unique or colorful grip can catch someone’s eye and sets brands apart from the competition.

Multi-Function Masters

According to Northington, “Multi-functionality like click-through styluses, bonus highlighters and light-up imprints are extremely popular, and are driving sales in the category.” The Souvenir® brand has you covered with nine different multi-function designs at a variety of price points.Multi-Function-Promotional-Pens-from-Souvenir

330° of Awesome

Let’s be honest, when it comes to promo products, the imprint is just as important as the product itself. Writing instruments may not always have the largest imprint areas, but the Souvenir® brand offers several styles where the brand message can wrap almost the whole way (330 degrees) around the barrel.

Show Off Full Color

Did you know that people have more trouble remembering facts presented in black and white than they do facts presented in color? Or that 62-90% of a first impression is due to color? (3)55938-Souvenir-Story-Stylus-Promotional-Pen

Your clients don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and Souvenir® writing instruments with full color imprints are designed to impress in the best way.

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